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The Information Security Office for the University of Texas at Austin has recently posted a new position -- a network security analyst -- to serve as a member of the incident response team. If you are aware of anyone who might be interested, please point them to the following post: thanks very much, ~cam. Cam Beasley Chief Information Security Officer Information Security Office | UT Austin | 512.475.9476 ================================


Hey folks, For those of you that saw my last job posting back in June and thought "hey, that sounds cool, I've always wanted to move to NYC", but weren't quite ready to take the plunge, here's your chance! We're looking for one more Network Security Analyst to join what's recently become my group within NYU's IT Security Department, Technology Security Services (TSS). Below is both the official job posting and my less formal description of what our group's looking for. The official job description can be found at: Network Security Analyst -- posting #20094198 Below is a brief, less formal/official summary of what we do and what we're looking for. If this looks interesting to you send an application in, and PLEASE send me or an email directly as well letting us know you've applied with your resume attached. For the Network Security Analyst position we'd love to see a candidate with an academic understanding of one or more of the sections listed under "AREAS OF RESPONSIBILITY" below. Specific experience in one or more of those areas is a big plus. That being said we value smart, dedicated people over experience - see "INFORMAL QUALIFICATIONS" below. So don't let a lack of experience keep you from applying! Note that your individual focus will vary based on your interest and experience and the needs of the group. We consider this a big benefit to working with TSS - you can spend 12 months on pen testing , decide your bored with that, and specialize in engineering or consulting for a while. Everyone does some security operations work. The starting salary is based on experience, and is highly competitive with other higher-ed technology positions. NYU ITS has a strong record of internal advancement, and offers excellent educational, health, retirement, and work/life benefits. New York University's main campus is located in the heart of Greenwich Village in New York City, offering a wide array of social, artistic, and professional opportunities. We are the largest private University in the country, with over 38,000 full-time students, and one of the largest employers in New York City, with over 16,000 employees. INFORMAL QUALIFICATIONS ======================= * Critical Thinking: we need geeks. * Social Engineering: what other people call "people skills". * Team Fit: this isn't something you can know until you come meet us but we value team cohesion pretty strongly. * Security Background: experience in our field is always welcome. * Big Picture Thinkers: Some believe that analysts should solve the problem in front of them and leave the strategic "10 steps ahead" thinking to architects and managers. Not so with us. * General IT Background: As noted we run much of our own security infrastructure, and having a strong network or systems background might mean we lean on you to help keep that ship running. AREAS OF RESPONSIBILITY ======================= TSS is a "one stop security shop" with our hands in a lot of pies, including: * Threat assessment * Policy and Compliance * Security Consulting * Education and Awareness * Security Operations/Incident Response * Forensic Analysis * System Engineering and Administration * Enterprise Initiatives Feel free to send me any questions, and of course let me know if you're considering applying! Cheers, Brian ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Brian Smith-Sweeney Project Lead ITS Technology Security Services, New York University ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~