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Bill, We use Bradford to inspect all student computers who connect to our RESNET for the first time. Bradford checks for current AV software, permitted OS's, and that the OS is updated to the appropriate service pack. Bradford is also used to register tablets, mobile devices, smart TV's, and game consoles to the RESNET. There is no inspection of these devices beyond confirming the OUI of the device does fall into one of the previously mentioned categories. Brett Kish Northwood University


We have for several years required newly connecting student Pcs to be checked using a locally developed program.  The product had the drawback that it was Windows specific.  On the other hand, most by far of the incoming devices were Windows.  Now, the other device types are increasing.  Also, AV products are flagging our test program and some of the vendors will not even consider whitelisting it.

We're faced with redeveloping, discontinuing, or purchasing.There is the issue of diminishing returns.  Microsoft has gotten much better about discouraging the sorts of user behavior we tended to catch (open file shares, null passwords, …).  

Are you doing any kind of vetting against newly connected non-guest devices?  If so what tools are you using?  Also, if you are vetting, are there particular steps to accommodate the great check-in crunch at the start of major terms?

Thanks for any insights,
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