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I am curious about how other institutions are utilizing VPN.




1)      Who (faculty, staff, students) can use VPN for remote access to campus resources?

2)      What percentage of the institutions population have an approved active VPN account?

3)      How does the institution approve who has VPN access?

a.       If applicable briefly describe your institutions process for approving remote access for users.  


Thanks in advance for your response.



Andrew Calo


Andrew Calo | Information Security and Data Privacy Administrator | Administrative Computing Department

Bentley University | 175 Forest Street | Waltham, MA 02452

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At SCCC we automatically grant VPN access to all employees.  They get access to their ‘My Documents’ folder and any server folders they have rights to.  Smaller populations within IT have secure access to systems they administrate.  For instance, those who operate our Tandberg video conferencing system can remotely access the TAM units from their VPN connection.


As employee status changes (e.g., transfer or separation from SCCC) the access rights are changed.  We get this information from HR as we do for all other on campus system access changes.