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Administrative Systems Management Constituent Group

Discusses the types of issues managers encounter in selecting, planning, implementing, managing, and decommissioning administrative systems.

Communications Infrastructure and Applications Constituent Group

Discusses important communication and collaboration technology issues.

Corporate Discussion Group

Provides a forum for corporations serving the higher education community to offer open and direct input on the issues the community faces.

Enterprise, Business, and Technical Architects (ITANA) Constituent Group

Focuses on developing the skills, tools, and a suite of resources to assist institutions with their enterprise, business, and technical architecture.

IT Accessibility Constituent Group

Helps the community to assess the scope of issues of IT accessibility, identify resources and initiatives, and develop best practices.

Registrars and Admissions Officers Constituent Group

Focuses on the ways in which information technologies affect the operations of higher education registrars and admissions officers.

SharePoint Constituent Group

Provides a forum for higher education institutions to collaborate and share their experiences with SharePoint.

Student Affairs IT Constituent Group

Discusses issues related to providing IT services to areas within student affairs.

Web Portals Constituent Group

Devoted to solution-independent Web portal technology in higher education institutions.