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Our department will replace desktop and laptops once the warranty expires (4 years). As part of the computer replacement policy, staff will receive for example a laptop, dual monitors, and a wireless keyboard and mouse. Do you track individual parts (keyboard, monitors, etc.) and tie them to the user, and what type of asset management system do you use for this equipment tracking? We have a decentralized IT structure. Do you keep a record of what equipment staff has at their desk, and if so, do you have a template or what do you use to record what they have in use?



Dieter Van Acker, SSCP, MCTS, ITILv4F
IT Support Analyst, Senior

Desktop Support Tier 1, 2, and 3
Workgroup & Network Consulting (WNC)

University Information Technology Services (UITS)
PO Box 210073 | Tucson, AZ | 85721-0073
Phone: 520-621-8396
WNC Hotline: 520-621-3638
Email: dieter(at)email(dot)arizona(dot)edu


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Like you, we replace desktops and laptops every 4 years.  For desktops, we provide one display, keyboard and mouse; for laptops, a security cable and any adapters needed to connect to data projectors and Ethernet networks.  Should one or more of these items fail, we have a stock of new ones and will provide replacements at no charge.  If individuals want a second display, wireless keyboard/mouse, port replicator or other peripherals, we buy it with their funds. 

We do not currently record these smaller peripherals in our Web Help Desk-based hardware inventory, though we do maintain purchase records for them.  We strive to deliver personalized service, and our campus is small enough (2000 students, 700 faculty and staff, one compact urban campus) to do this well.  Needs for beyond-the-standard setups, ergonomic equipment and additional peripherals are quickly analyzed, often in person, also via email and over the phone.  If they don't tell us, we'll ask.


David W. Sisk, PhD   Associate Director for Administration, Information Technology Services
Macalester College      /      1600 Grand Avenue      /       Saint Paul, Minnesota  55105-1899                  Voice (651) 696-6745,  FAX (651) 696-6778