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Fresno State is embarking on a bold student tablet initiative aimed at facilitating student success in content mastery and to build technology skill sets. 


We’re looking to redesign how we deliver support services to achieve this goal.  The redesign would seek to integrate currently disparate support functions through multiple tier-1 support stations (think “genius bar”) with seamless integration to tier-2 personnel and using multiple channels to deliver these services (support station in-person, telephone, email, chat, and self-service knowledge base).  We’re looking to further mature our current services to become more customer-centric and service-oriented.


These disparate support functions and representative service requests include the I.T. help desk (e.g., email configuration), Teaching and Learning help desk (e.g., Blackboard assignment upload), Library (e.g., digital literacy and research, tablet checkout), Bookstore (e.g., device break/fix), Bulldog card office (e.g., Pay for Print), Academic Affairs practices (e.g., uploading content to PathBrite eportfolio).


We’re looking for consulting resources and/or advice from colleagues on how to facilitate a) quickly building internal capacity through a shared mental framework and language (e.g., ITIL-lite), b) architecting the service design to achieve these goals, c) enumerating the key service requests, and d) leveraging good practices from other universities and industry to support our goal, and e) brokering the discussion between departments in a manner that quickly builds the service model, necessary pathways and required work items while also paving the way for a sustainable approach.


Please let us know a) if you have consultants who you would recommend and/or if you have advice or artifacts (e.g., project plans, service designs) that would help us achieve this goal.

Philip Neufeld
Senior Director, I.T. Service Management
Technology Services
California State University, Fresno
2225 E San Ramon Avenue M/S MF93
Fresno, CA 93740-8029


Philip – I would like to offer any help we might provide to you and your faculty as you roll out your tablet program. We are right there with you in terms of nurturing the academic application of tablets on our own campus and we are also looking at all facets of support as we finish rolling out 8000 tablets to students this fall. We have about 60 faculty projects that we are just wrapping up and we are putting what we think will be useful info up on our wiki. Article authors include members of my TLT team, who focus on supporting faculty as they integrate these tools, and our Help Desk team. A couple of links (be gentle – it’s a work in progress):


·         Category listing links to various pilot projects

·         Link to article listing various apps used in pilot projects

·         Article on a specific project in geoscience


I think using a wiki platform versus a more traditional help doc application is just one thing that is allowing us to collaborate across IT units, our Faculty Development Committee, and other groups to develop that shared understanding and approach. This is just one idea and we would be happy to share and collaborate on others as we all move forward.




Ken Graetz, PhD

Director of Teaching, Learning, and Technology Services

Winona State University