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Hello all,

At Hartwick College, we recently switched from Blackboard to Desire2Learn for our learning management system. One thing we miss is having a listserv for D2L like we had for Blackboard. The vendor claims there isn't one. Are other schools using D2L and how are you accessing listserv-like information?


Suzanne Gaynor
Director, Technology Resource Center
Hartwick College


We have been using D2L for years.  I don’t know about a listsrv, but I know there is a D2L Community board (google “d2L community”) that you can request to join that is a source of good shared information. When I was on our D2L team, I also attended the annual D2L “Fusion” conference, which was another good chance to compare notes with others and hear about future updates.


Amy Campbell

Educational IT Support Coordinator

Kolwyck Library and Information Commons

Chattanooga State Community College

4501 Amnicola Hwy

Chattanooga, TN 37406