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We are currently building a Service Desk at our institution, at the present time, we do not "define" how much support we provide to student devices (students own their own devices at our campus & we don't require them to bring one to campus). Does anyone have a list of how far their help desk with assist with student devices? For example, if a student needs assistance installing software, do you help them? What about viruses? And if you do "touch" student devices, do you have student sign a waiver?

Thanks again!
Carla Streff  Director of Instructional Technology & Training Services
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Here at Gallaudet University, we do help students with their laptops as far as network issues, software installation (they bought) and basic hardware replacement/repair (hard drive replacement and/or memory installation provide they purchase it and bring them to us. We do provide basic virus scanning and removal if they need assistance in that area. For mobile devices such as smart phone and tablets, we only support them as far as email and/or network setup. We don't have a wavier but that's a thought. 
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Charles E Drawdy
Manager, Help Desk, Media, and Classroom Support
Gallaudet Technology Services
Gallaudet University
Video Phone: 202-250-2662

We are still developing our Student Tech Support desk, but right now we have two tiers of support.  Our main support desk (located in the library) helps students or employees connect their devices to the wireless network, access the campus web portal, download and install some types of software, set up email on their phone or tablet, etc.  The policy is that no one but the owner should touch the device.


For needs beyond that, we have formed a partnership with the Computer Operations Technology program.  They schedule trained students to come to the campus library one day a week to deal with removing viruses, fixing sticky keyboard keys, etc. For those minor services the “customer” must sign a log sheet that has a simple disclaimer at the top.  If the service requires “popping the case,” such as to install a new hard drive or replace a fan, the customer must sign a more detailed waiver and the device will be serviced only in the Computer Operations Technology lab.


Amy Campbell

Educational IT Support Coordinator


Augusta R. Kolwyck Library

Chattanooga State Community College

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NAU runs a 24x7 student helpdesk operation. We support all devices that students bring to campus (including gaming devices and other devices in the residence halls). Generally, we'll support students over the phone to the best of our ability, including running virus scans for distance learning students via remote support software.

Generally, if students are on our main campus, we'll ask them to bring more complicated problems to our Window, where initial troubleshooting occurs. If things take too long, we'll ask the student to 'check-in' their machine--this is where we do more advanced virus scans and troubleshooting of Operating System issues.

We do use a 'release form' that has been around for years and was approved by Legal. It is required to be signed by the student and the tech ANY time a device is touched. I'd be happy to share it off-list if anyone's interested.

Here's a chart we developed for our student staff to determine what we'll support:

Pre-Drop Off Diagnostics
Lab Software Questions
MS Office Install
Wireless Connectivity Help
SafeConnect Compliance
Gaming Console Updates
A/V Install/Setup
Anti-Spyware/Malware Install/Setup
File Sharing Program Removal
Mobile Device Setup/Issues

Drop Off Service
OS Reinstall
Hardware Diagnostics
Hardware Installation
Virus/Malware/Spyware Removal
Windows Update Issues
Data Backup/Recovery
SafeConnect (NAC) Problems

Hardware- Supported
Hard Drives
Laptop Keyboards
Desktop Fans
Desktop Power Supplies
Desktop Expansion Cards
Desktop/Laptop Optical Drives
Hardware- NOT Supported
Laptop Screen
Laptop Processor
Laptop Heat Sink
Laptop Fans
Liquid Damage
Laptop Power Components
Laptop Cases and Hinges


Bryan Sherwood
End User Computing Specialist, Intermediate
Student Technology Center
Information Technology Services
Northern Arizona University
(928) 523-6634
Thanks so much for the info-if you could share that form – I would greatly appreciate it!

Carla Streff  Director of Instructional Technology & Training Services
402-844-7135 | | fax 402-844-7391

Hi Carla,

We have a centralized Help Desk that supports faculty, staff, and students.  For student computers, we provide walk-in service (no dorm visits), and will make a best-effort to do most things, including any of the following:
  • Repair or reinstall operating system (student must provide a valid license key and installation media for reinstallation)
  • Repair or reinstall software (student must provide valid license key and installation media for software reinstallation, when applicable)
  • Virus/Malware removal
  • Hardware diagnostics (we don't do repairs, but we can help them determine the next steps to take if there's a problem)
  • Limited hardware support (driver installations, hard drive and RAM swaps, opening a case to let it dry after someone spills coffee in it, etc.). We won't do any hardware stuff unless the computer is out of warranty.
  • Data recovery, including removing HDD and attempting to back up from another computer using recovery software. Again, we generally won't do this if the computer is still under warranty.
  • Wired/wireless networking issues
  • Handheld/smartphone assistance - connecting to our networks, setting up email/calendar, etc.
We do have a waiver that students are required to sign when they drop the computer off.  Service for student computers is prioritized below college-owned computers, so it can take a few days for us to finish a repair.  Computers are occasionally abandoned, but our waiver states that devices left more than x days become property of the college so we can recycle them.

We find that our student community really appreciates having us as a resource (at one point, a student said that if they could take one thing with them after graduation, it would be the Help Desk!), and the variety of problems provides wonderful hands-on training for our student employees.


Rachel Weaver
Assistant Help Desk Manager
Macalester College ITS

At Illinois State University, we have a 24x7 central service desk called the Technology Support Center. Another department runs the TechZone Service Center, which provides a combination of free and paid support. Together, we support students and their devices as follows:


·         Viruses/Malware – The service desk assists students over the phone and via walk-up support to our front counter in cleaning their infected computers. This service is also available through the TechZone and is free at both locations.

·         Software Installation – Both locations will help students install the University-approved anti-virus application, email client, VPN client, and other software related to University services. We do not assist with installing other software. This service is free.

·         Operating System Installation – The TechZone will install Windows or Mac OS X as a paid service on student computers. Students must either purchase a copy of the OS from the TechZone or provide the appropriate license key. We do not assist with OS installation through the central service desk.

·         Data Backup/Restore – As part of OS reinstallation, the TechZone will perform a data backup and restoration of files to the new OS for a fee. This service is not provided through the central service desk.

·         Smart Phones – Both locations will help students connect to the campus wireless network and configure mail on their smart phones. We also provide “best effort” support on other smart phone issues as they arise (which is rare).

·         Game Consoles – To use a game console on ResNet, students sometimes need MAC exceptions to get through our network security. This is facilitated by the service desk. Other network devices like Blu-Ray players also need exceptions.

·         Printers – Student-owned printers are not support through the central service desk, but they are supported by the TechZone. TechZone staff can be dispatched to a student’s room in the residence halls for on-site assistance with printer setups.

·         Warranty Repairs – The TechZone is an authorized repair center for in-warranty computers. I believe this is limited to Dell, Apple, and Lenovo devices.

·         Hardware Upgrades – The TechZone will provide a hardware diagnosis (for free) and will perform hardware installations/upgrades (for a fee). This includes things like installing new RAM, installing a new hard drive, etc.

·         Network Devices – The use of network devices like access points, routers, switches, hubs, etc. is not allowed in the residence halls. Students found to be using these devices are instructed to remove them from the network. Further, we do not support home networks for those living off campus.


At the student’s option, both the service desk and the TechZone will take in devices to be worked on and will contact the student when they are ready to be picked up. Because the TechZone is more focused on repair, they do a lot more of that than the service desk does. Both offices have a waiver students must sign before they can drop off their device. All peripherals are noted on the waiver and in the ticket, and devices are stored in a secure, locked location unless they are being worked on.


Justin Smith

Communication & Training Team Lead

Client Services | Administrative Technologies

Illinois State University





At Indiana University, we provide support for all devices which our students, staff, and faculty use whether or not it’s directly related to their university work. We have a fee-based Carry-in service to handle the more “hands on” things such as OS rebuilds, application installs, Boot Camp installs, etc as we wouldn’t be able to keep up with the customer demand if we provided these services for free.


You can see a list of the available Carry-in services here. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.