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The new Higher Education Law of the Republic of Indonesia now provides as follows in section 79:

"(4) The Government shall develop open learning resources for use by the whole Academic Civitas”.

Please see attached.

Congratulations Indonesia!

Thanks to Neil Butcher for sharing this good news.



Cable Green, PhD
Director of Global Learning

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Hi Dorothy:

The following resources might be useful:


    • Business case for OER:
      • increase access to education
      • provide students with an opportunity to assess and plan their education choices
      • showcase an institution’s intellectual outputs, promote it’s profile, and attract students
      • convert students exploring options into fee paying enrollments
      • accelerate learning by providing educational resources for just-in-time, direct, informal use by both students and self-directed learners
      • add value to knowledge production
      • reduce faculty preparation time
      • generate cost savings – (this case has been particularly substantiated for open textbooks)
      • enhance quality
      • generate innovation through collaboration