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Greetings Open Friends:

Creative Commons (CC) has been working on a rewrite of its license chooser: 

There are a number of problems with the existing chooser than have caused the rewrite.  The most notable problem is a common misconception that the license chooser is a registration process - which it is not.

The new chooser approaches that problem with a different UI design. CC's goal is for the license chooser to both be clear and simple, and to function better as an educational tool.  For example, NC and ND are not free culture licenses.  That is apparent in the new chooser via interactivity, whereas it is not clear in the existing license chooser.

You can find the new license chooser on our staging site:

You can read more about the motivations behind this project here:

CC is hoping to replace the old license chooser with the new interactive chooser in approximately two weeks.  The CC Technology team will be iterating on the new chooser after it goes live, as there are additional features desired but are out of the scope of the first iteration.

If you have any suggestions for adjustments and/or features, please e-mail Jonathan Palecek:

Please keep in mind that beyond design changes and interactivity, features not already present in the old chooser are out of scope for implementation in this first iteration on the new chooser. Suggestions for new features will be logged and considered after this first iteration is launched.

Kudos to Jonathan Palecek and the entire CC Technology and Legal teams for creating an improved and easier to use CC license chooser!

We are eager to hear your comments.

Most gratefully,



Cable Green, PhD
Director of Global Learning

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Thanks to everyone who sent comments and suggestions about the new (beta) Creative Commons (CC) license chooser.


I am forwarding all of your ideas and feedback to the CC team now.

You can be sure your comments and ideas will be considered as CC rolls out v.1 of the new license chooser… and future versions if it.

I’ll continue to come back to you all for feedback on CC tools, technology, and licenses (reminder to contribute to 4.0 discussions).

Good weekend to you all,