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We are in the initial stages of starting a BI project to support the academic decisions of the campus, e.g. student enrollment stats, student financial information, external reporting requirements (US News …), etc.


For those of you who have done this:

·       Did you have a particular approach that worked well (big bang or focused area)

·       If a focus area where did you start and why?

·       Did you create executive level dashboards?

·       What is your FTE commitment (please split by IT and functional)?

·       Did you create a data warehouse/data mart or are you reporting out of the transaction system?

·       What BI tool did you use?

·       Is there a person we can talk to for additional information if needed?




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I can share with you but it will be easier for me if you call me. If you have time to call me tomorrow or next week that would be great.


Felicia Bianchi, MS, PMP

University Technology Services

Emory University

404-727-0582 (O)

404-202-9191 (c)


We are just starting a BI implementation at Virginia Tech. I started with the Business Intelligence Roadmap: The Complete Project Lifecycle for Decision-Support Applications by Larissa T Moos and Shaku Atre. We already have the data warehouse but this book provides a project plan to encompass all phases of a BI project. Debbie Johnson, MBA Manager, Business Intelligence Services 540-231-9562