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I’m doing a studying for our CIO on outsourcing email, and wondered what email systems you use?


Also, would be interested in talking with anyone who’s outsourced email or researched and decided NOT to outsource their email.




Suzanne L. Romano

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Google at Idaho State University

Good morning


Oklahoma State University system allows students to choose Google or Live@edu as their primary email destination. Each student receives an account in each service for other services such as Google Docs and Office Web Apps/SkyDrive.


We could share what we have learned.





Tina Meier

IT Director

Oklahoma State University System




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Hi Suzanne,


                We outsource our Student email to Gmail, however, maintain Staff and Faculty on MS Exchange at the University of La Verne. The main reason to choose Gmail for Students was due to the availability of a large amount of storage for their email for free.



Director of Enterprise Applications

Information Security Officer

OIT Project Manager

University of La Verne

909-593-3511 x4234


ND is the same as La Verne


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Ditto J



Cathy Eatherton, CAPM

Director of Project Management and Information Security

Columbia College Technology Services

Phone: 573-875-7581



At George Mason, we went to Live@EDU for the students two years ago and just confirmed our move to Office 365/Exchange for the Faculty and Staff and are getting ready to start the implementation phase of the project.  We've been self-hosted to date.  

John Prette
IT Project Manager
ITU Project Management Office
George Mason University
4400 University Drive MSN 1D8
Fairfax, VA  22030
Ph:  703-993-4009
Fax: 703-993-4961

Same for College of Charleston. 


Michael Clouse

Security, Identity & Access Management, IT

843-953-8207 or

College of Charleston

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From my research thus far, it seems that most schools who outsourced had problems with their current email and the amount of mail to process, etc. Is this true for those of you who outsourced?


And what system did you migrate off of?


We have the old Sun mail system, now called "Oracle Communications Unified Communications Suite"


It appears thus far in my research, that outsourced peeps came from MS Exchange mail systems. Anyone leave Oracle/sun email? If so, to which new mail system?




We migrated from Sun Mail  and Oracle Calendar to MS Live@EDU. It took a while to get the migration process defined but once defined, the migration went very well.



Lorraine T. Mancuso, PMP

Director, Project Management Office

The University of Scranton

P: 570.941.7460




We moved our undergrad students and alumni from a legacy Cyrus IMAP system to Live @ Edu and our employees to an on-premise Exchange.  We are currently exploring moving our employees to Office 365 or upgrading our on-premise Exchange.





At Mason, we are currently running Sun Java Enterprise System (JES) which was the second to last release from Sun (the version before the rebranding to Unified Communications). Since there was not a migration for our Oracle Calendar to the Sun Calendar, we never migrated to the next version.

We are currently kicking off a project to migrate both email and calendar to a Microsoft Office 365 Exchange-based solution.

Key features for us making the move are:
  • Larger mailbox size: 25GB vs. 1-2 GB
  • Larger attachment capabilities: up to 25MB, I believe
  • Integrated mail and calendar software
  • Archiving processes
There are others, but these are some of the big ones.


John Prette
IT Project Manager
ITU Project Management Office
George Mason University
4400 University Drive MSN 1D8
Fairfax, VA  22030
Ph:  703-993-4009
Fax: 703-993-4961

At University of Houston, we evaluated outsourcing a couple of years ago, but decided to keep our Exchange email in-house. It is only for faculty and staff. Students are only given a UH email alias that points to their email address in yahoo, gmail, or any address they have. 


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Gmail for students; faculty/staff = IMAP with or without Exchange.



Anthony J. Santucci

Technology Support Services

Appalachian State University

Boone, NC

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SMC moved alumni and students from Communigate to Google Mail and is currently initiating a plan to do the same for faculty and staff.

Suzanne - Hi, it's Gale Stafford with University of Illinois. I operated and managed our campus email service for staff, undergrads, and grad students. We ran a Mirapoint email system for several years. When it was clear that our system could not keep up (with demands for more storage and more functionality), we migrated the undergrad and grad students to Google Apps @ Illinois. I was heavily involved in the mail migration. We also migrated all our staff and retirees to Exchange 2010. That was a separate project. If you have questions about either of these migration projects, contact me anytime at Or we can chat on the phone sometime. I'd be glad to share with you and your CIO about what we learned. Gale Stafford ( CITES Management and Planning, Process Improvement University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign >

We outsourced our student email to Google Apps about 2 years ago.  We are currently evaluating moving Faculty/Staff to Google Apps or Office 365. 


We migrated students to Live@edu last year to replace an aging open source system.  It was a great move for the students.  Recently we were informed by Microsoft that we will need to move the students to Office 365 by September 2013.  We are still researching but think some of the features of SharePoint will help address some of our student group needs.  If we move faculty & staff, it may provide additional benefits for committees and project teams.


Jim Hilby



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Thank you for the info. Do have a list of questions you’re asking when doing the evaluating? Does it look like you’ll outsource Faculty/staff as well, or too early to tell?