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We are currently looking for a product to replace our home-grown solution to manage campus events.  Following is some of our criteria:
  • Both internal and external clients
  • Fee-based and no charge events
  • Ability to support multiple tax rates for several locations
  • Ability to select various items (registration fee, individual purchases, donations, etc.)
If you know of any products or are willing to share any information we would appreciate receiving any feedback.


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Barbara Herbert
Project & Process Manager
Office of Information Services
Pittsburg State University
Pittsburg, KS

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We use Kx from kinetic software. I'll be happy to connect you (off list) with the people who have more to do with it than I do or provide you with my thoughts as a tech support guy.

We use iModules Software.  I can connect you with our expert.

Charles Thomasset
Project Manager
Advancement Services
Lehigh University

(610) 758-4515

We just implemented Trumba here and I've gotten very good feedback from our developer.  You can view what our deployment looks like here:

Based on some our our past iterations, I think this is a huge improvement from a usability point of view. 

Earl Lewis, PMP
Senior Project Manager

University of Utah
University Information Technology
585 Komas Drive
Salt Lake City, UT  84108

801-581-3635 (office)
801-554-3596 (mobile)

We recently implemented EMS. The group seems to be happy with it, but we did not have the same criteria as your team (the tax rates in particular). It might be worth a quick look.





Cathy Eatherton, PMP

Director of Project Management and Information Security

Columbia College

1001 Rogers St.

Columbia, MO

P: 573.875.7581

F: 573.875.7320