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Members of the EDUCAUSE Research Support Constituent Group may be interested in this whitepaper that reviews the reports of NSF's six cyberinfrastructure task forces.  The whitepaper is written for multiple audiences and includes implications for campus leadership.

- David

Deputy CIO David Stack, Ph.D.
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

From: Karen Wetzel <kwetzel@EDUCAUSE.EDU>

I am pleased to announce the publication of the EDUCAUSE ACTI Campus Cyberinfrastructure Working Group (ACTI-CCI) white paper, What’s Next for Campus Cyberinfrastructure? ACTI responds to the NSF ACCI Reports. The document is a broad-based response to the findings of the NSF-wide Advisory Committee for Cyberinfrastructure (ACCI) Task Forces from the campus perspective. The task forces were charged with investigating long-term cyberinfrastructure issues; in developing this white paper, ACTI-CCI has concluded that campus cyberinfrastructure cannot be ignored when planning and developing the national cyberinfrastructure.
The white paper includes six chapters that correspond to the six ACCI Task Force reports:
1.       Grand Challenges
2.       Campus Bridging
3.       Cyberlearning and Workforce Development
4.       Data and Visualization
5.       High Performance Computing
6.       Software for Science and Engineering
Each chapter has four components, including: a synopsis of the NSF ACCI Task Force report, a discussion of elements that warrant reinforcing from the campus perspective, a constructive critique of elements from the campus perspective, and a discussion of the implications of the report for the leadership of campus cyberinfrastructure.
I hope you enjoy reading this insightful and thoughtful document.

Karen A. Wetzel
Program Manager, EDUCAUSE
1150 18th Street NW, Washington, DC 20036
202-872-4200 (main) / 202-331-5346 (direct)
202-872-4318 (fax)
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