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Hi, all,
Thanks for your feedback on this.  We've made progress.  We've told our Helpdesk to just update the OS, based on Darrell's response:

Your helpdesk might be confusing things. Mountain Lion OSX updates are delivered thru the appstore application, but it doesn't require logging into the appstore.


But now there's a follow-on question, and I'm interested in how you are handling the following situation.

New Apple computers come in with iLife:

We noticed that new OU computers with Mountain Lion OS have preinstalled iPhoto and iMovie. On the bottom of this page you will see that iLife 11 suite is a feature for Mountain Lion

When we checked the iLife 11 suite that includes iPhoto, iMovie and Garage Band it says that is part of every new Mac .
Also we found this information: "When you open the App Store's Updates tab, you'll see a special dialog allowing you to accept the apps such as iPhoto that
were bundled with your computer. If you accept them and enter your account info, the licenses will be automatically associated with your account. In
the future you'll be able to receive updates exactly as if you had purchased the apps"

Who's ID are you using to register the iLife Suite?  It seems to be an individual choice, just as if they had purchased the software separately.  But our Helpdesk is concerned individuals will contact them to install the updates (seems to me they would just have the individual log on, if needed.  I'm troubled that someone cannot handle this update on their own, but there is an issue if they quit).

But I wanted to ask if any of you are centrally managing the ID's.  If the iLife software on the purchased computer is registered to a person for updates, and that person quits, can you change the registration?