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Given all the recent changes with Apple Software licensing, i'm hoping some schools have documented procedures/webpages on how staff should purchase software for apple OSX and IOS devices.  If you can share any procedures or institution websites that discuss this, it would be appreciated.  As you all know, Apple no longer ships media as all apps are to be downloaded from the appstore app.  When you purchase software from apple using university PO's or credit cards, what you receive are redemption codes to be redeemed thru your computers App Store application.  Any code redeemed using a "non-university" apple ID, is really property of the individual and not the university.

Thanks for any info you can provide !!

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Our solution was to create AppleIDs for each iOS device and then the user redeems the voucher from our institutional account to this account. We used Exchange distribution lists for each device email and used our naming scheme for it. The distribution list contains the active user and our OIT email address for setup. Then we remove the OIT account from the distribution list so we don’t get bombarded with receipts etc. If we need to recover the account when an employee leaves, we can simply add OIT back into the distribution list. A faculty iPad at Lyndon State College for the Department of Visual Arts would be (L=Lyndon, T=Tablet, S=iOS, F=Faculty, VA=Visual Arts, Increment). Although this is a manual process, it has worked great for us so far but we’d really like to see a better solution.






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