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Colleagues, I attended this session this week. They have kindly put their information  online and you may find some of it useful in licensing work. The resources include 4 files. Click resource button to see the files

.. Their slides. 
.. A copy of their standard terms and conditions for both purchase orders and for RFP/agreements.
.. A draft copy of a proposed policy for UVa wrt online licensing signing, I.e. EULAs

In the slides you will also see a summary of the EULA approach for UNC Greensboro. UVa is using a different tactic . 

Also on the EULA topic, you will see in the slides and their terms,conditions that they have a clause in master agreements nullifying EULA enforcement. 

Here in UT, we have used similar approaches in contract language.

FYI the UVa attorney who was presenting also works with Internet 2 on NetPlus agreements.

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