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This is a technical implementation question. Carlson software is an add-on to AutoCAD. We are running AutoCAD 2013 and Carlson 2013. Carlson launches but reports that it cannot find the license server. We have been working with the vendor but no one has a clue as to what is wrong.  Has anyone else seen a similar issue? Were you able to resolve it?



Ed Zucker

Colorado School of Mines

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Carlson uses a Sentinel RMS license server.  If the client is not on the same broadcast network as the server it will not "discover" the license server.  You can set the LSFORCEHOST or LSHOST environment variable on the client to direct it to the license server.  LSFORCEHOST can be used to direct all Sentinel RMS client software to use one license server and not search for any others.  LSHOST can be used to provide a list of license servers to query.  Depending on the Sentinel RMS version, they have changed the syntax of the license server list for LSHOST from colon separated to tilde separated.

Also make sure you don't have any firewall issues.  Sentinel RMS uses port 5093 over UDP for client communication.

If you have any further questions, you can contact me directly, as we have been running Carlson as well as several other Sentinel RMS based products for several years.

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