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Hi All, I recently obtained data from our networking folks regarding the operating systems used on our network. Of the laptops & desktops, 39% were Macs. This really surprised me & I wondered if this is a typical figure for universities or if the data was skewed in some way. Do any of you have measures of OS laptop/desktop market share at your organizations? About two years ago I tallied our research software to see what percent had native Mac or Linux versions. They were tied at 35% for each (i.e. 65% were Windows-only). If Mac market share really has increased on campuses to around 39%, the software vendors may want to reconsider the value of developing for the Mac. Running Windows in a VM is possible, but Mac often want to simplify their lives not deal with two operating systems. Cheers, Bob P.S. Linux has 1.6% of our latop/desktop network devices. All these figures exclude iPhones, Android devices, etc. ========================================================= Bob Muenchen (pronounced Min'-chen), Manager Research Computing Support Voice: (865) 974-5230 Email: Web:, News: ======================================================== ********** Participation and subscription information for this EDUCAUSE Constituent Group discussion list can be found at


Bob, while the number seems high to me I do understand some places have a much richer MAC environment, however the number here at Georgia State is somewhere between 18% to 22%. V/r Jerry
Does this include your student network? At TCU, we are roughly 19% Mac, 80% Windows, 1% other on the Faculty/Staff network. 4 Years ago, Windows was 87%. I don't have the numbers handy for the student network, but my estimation is at least 60% Mac. Bryan Lucas Chief Technology Officer Technology Resources Texas Christian University (817) 257-7682
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Hello - We do yearly surveys of both our fac/staff and our student population. (How these numbers correlate with a network survey is an interesting question that I can't answer.) This year amongst the fac/staff population Mac usage has gone to 33% from 27% last year. The student population usage hovers around 35%. The trend over the past few years is definitely up. - Ross
18%-22% is right in the territory that I had expected. -Bob >
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When I have asked several of our campuses, it is varying wildly. Very high at UT Austin (a research campus)... could be more like 50% there and climbing. Lower at other campuses. Based on very causal observation, it may be that UT campuses with higher research levels have a higher percentage of mac usage than comprehensives. ____________________________________________________ Margaret H. Knox Chief Information Officer (CIO) (512)322-3774 The University of Texas System CTJ 2.218 78701 -- At UT Austin: Director, ITS FAC 248I 78712
Here's an odd twist. Macs just broke the 5% market share barrier worldwide, growing rapidly in most markets! Cannibalized by iPads. It will be most interesting to see if much research software ends up on tablets. Here's the article: Bob >