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Good morning!
Does anyone else build their new users IDs on the Mathworks site by going through the "Manage End Users" portal instead of the "Manage Licenses" portal?  Up until now, this method was a faster, more efficient way to build IDs.  Just after the beginning of this year, the screens for building an ID this way changed and now, you have to go back into an ID after it's built to give the user "Activate" and "Download" access.  I have reported this to Mathworks several times, but have no resolution on it so far.  Their only recommendation is to build IDs through the "Manage Licenses" portal and that method is slower and more laborious. 

Am I alone in this issue or have others of you experienced it?  If you have experienced it and have you reported it to Mathworks, would you please let me know their response to you?


JulieBeth Golden
IT Asset & Licensing Officer, ITS/OIT
Georgia Institute of Technology
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