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We are seeking information on implementing the Student Option under the Microsoft EES and are having difficulties obtaining information on how the program works.  Specifically, how is the software distributed, how do you get students to sign the MS paperwork upon graduation, do you use a chargeback model and if so how does that work, and any other particulars I may have not mentioned.  We are moving quickly on this so any information and/or suggestions from someone who has done this before would be much appreciated.  Also, if there is a MS website I have overlooked that would be helpful as well, but I have found their published information to be more sales oriented and doesn’t contain much functional information.




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There are many ways to accomplish some of these tasks so hopefully several people will comment.


·        Distribution. Our long standing preferences is to handle this with media rather than download although I am well aware of campuses who have reported successes using download approaches or using the designated by Microsoft downloader (e-Academy, I believe). So I will just pick one of the UT campuses and describe: we have a campus computer store and it handles: obtaining the media (also redistributes to other UT campuses); directly distributes to the campus students in exchange for a media fee; gets them to sign paperwork on their obligations when they obtain media; tracks to make sure they do not get two copies unless a dispensation is gotten from us; keeps the records for records retention; does demos during orientation etc (they are a stop on summer orientation tour); etc. In addition, UT sends a notice to all graduating students (via email) and they use, as I recall, a website where the students  get their acknowledgement etc.

·        Chargeback. mostly no. We have a very comprehensive system-wide Campus Agreement and each year I collect from the campuses their share. Some campuses fund the student portion from student fees, others centrally fund their whole program. So, yes I collect up revenue but no it is not from the students directly. The media fee mentioned above does help offset some costs such as helpdesk answering questions, web site etc.

·        Web site. Since we have a comprehensive program, our site probably has too much info. And while we update it, it really relied on initial web work done  by our colleagues at Univ of Indiana in 1998J, as they were a few months ahead of us (this even predates Campus Agreements). We are also multi campus which can confuse as well.  I would go looking for something more  similar to your situation but feel free to look at



Margaret H. Knox        


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At Penn State we distribute media through our campus Computer Store and charge for it.  We have an "agreement" that students must sign electronically at the time of purchase with the terms and conditions outlined in the EES concerning use, matriculation, etc.

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The University of Utah is finalizing our EES Agreement which will include the Student Option.  We will be utilizing our Office of Software Licensing website as well as the campus bookstore for distribution.  I would be happy to talk to you in more detail if you would like.   Just let me know.


Kimball J. Lovin

Vendor and Contract Manager

The University of Utah



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We use e-academy for distribution to students.  Works very well for us.


-          Ann


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Hi Jeff,


The University of Cincinnati has had a Campus Agreement with the Student Option (now called EES) since 1999.

We distribute the software through our UC Bookstores but provide them with an e-Commerce app to help them

complete and record the transactions.  We subsidize the Student Option with our Student Technology fees. 

The students just pay $7 or $8 for the media.  Faculty & Staff also obtain the WAH media at the UC Bookstores.


You are more than welcome to contact me if you have questions or need more information.


Amin Shafie

UC Information Technologies  (UCIT)




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We distribute Windows [latest] professional to students as a no cost download through our software distribution website and have them activate with KMS.  Professional is distributed as opposed to Enterprise because it allows an in-place upgrade to Ultimate.  

When they download the software, there is some text there indicating that prior to graduating they must purchase a personal license from the Duke computer store to continue using the software after graduation.  The amount we charge is just a small amount for the student option media.


Glenn Setliff Jr.
Software Licensing Coordinator
Duke University
Office of Information Technology

Microsoft is now providing Student Option fulfillment at no cost to both you and your users via the e-academy platform, which is custom branded and deployed to your institution or department.


Your students will get access to a secured download and a single-use key after they have successfully verified their academic status. Product use rights are automatically managed via the platform, as are all program requirements. As an administrator, you will have access to a full suite of on demand reports as well as audit mechanisms. e-academy provides technical support via both toll-free phone and e-mail. There are also cost-recovery mechanisms if you are mandated to recover the overall student option licensing costs from your end users.


If you’d like to learn more about this fulfillment mechanism please e-mail the Student Option team at or fill out the web-form at




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At NAU we are also adding students to our EES, coordinating with our bookstore.  Our student fees are max dedicated to existing services, so we’ll do a charge-back as well.  Total price will be our charge-back plus e-academy media cost plus bookstore margin but still should be significantly cheaper than MS retail student deals. 


Ricky Roberts


Director of Technical Support

Northern Arizona University

(928) 523-6950