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What software do we use in cloud and campus labs for educational purposes? We keep track of this because we need to keep up with licensing. We thought it might help the discussion to give a rough tally - First I should note that we use a *lot* of different software - and the VCL cloud helps us do this to meet the very varied requirement of education (primarily, but also research) with little impact on staff or hardware. For more on this topic see, e.g. Cloud with a Long Tail: The VCL in Support of Pedagogy Our most heavily used application is Maple. It is used in many,many math and engineering courses. Note that while our major use is Maple 14, we still have significant use of Maple 13 and Maple 12. Part of our philosophy is that we don't use our VCL cloud to substitute for the software which every use has on their own computer. So, e.g., we don't expect people to use the VCL for word processing. But we have a number of classes in which the basics of word processing and other office functions are taught - and they often use, e.g. Microsoft Office, especially for in-class use. So, overall, we do have a significant amount of Microsoft Office use summing up over the VCL and the computer labs. Also, there are instances where higher-end Office products (e.g. Access, Visio, Excel) are used on the university provided machines to ensure that everyone is using the same version and level. We have a lot of statistics package use - SAS (including some JMP), SPSS, Stata and R, in decreasing order. We have campus site licenses for SAS and SPSS. (I probably underestimate R use here, as I think there is a greater amount of use on individual computers because there is no license cost, but we have no measure of that.) Modeling packages - mostly Solidworks, less Autocad. Adobe Suite - both 5 and 4 - we don't have a campus site license, so individual departments, etc. get their own licenses. A fair number of important, but less used or less widely used packages, in alphabetical order: Ansys, ArcGIS, Cadence, Comsol, Mathcad, Mathmatica --henry ********** Participation and subscription information for this EDUCAUSE Constituent Group discussion list can be found at