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Looking for feedback regarding addressing student use of institutional own software and the students responsibility of use if they violate EULA. Is this a concern with commercial off the shelf software made available to students? Who is responsible the institution or the student? How are institutions mitigating their risk when negotiating a EULA with a vendor?






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In some contracts the university has liability.  We make the students sign a form saying they accept responsibility but not sure how that would hold up in court.  We moved to a virtual environment over a year ago and that has helped me sleep betterJ  Students cannot give software away or upload to a pirate site since they never have the software on their computers.  It is not a 100% solution because students could give out their username and password but that would mean they would also be allowing others to send email as themselves, check on grades, billing, etc. so I would be surprised if students would do this.  We also cannot put out all the software we have in our GA labs because some vendors either will not allow it or they charge a crazy amount of money to allow it to be offered virtually.



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One thing I like in our Microsoft Campus Agreement is that it spelled out that if the institution did x, then the institution was not liable for student actions. So we too have students sign an agreement.

We also try to get a term in contracts that says EULAs , or any such additional instruments, are not in effect unless they are negotiated with the University first.

We also , with good legal cause, pursue reported ip issues. 

Chip's comments are great

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