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We recently purchased Altiris 7.1 and had a host of issues setting it up, most of which were eventually resolved. However, we could not fix a persisting problem that has forced us to push back our Altiris implementation for the upcoming Fall semester. If anyone has experience implementing Altiris 7.1 and would be willing to talk to me off list, please let me know. The project is on hold for now, but if we can connect with other units who have been through this it could provide an invaluable resource that may really help us.

Of course any insight on 6.9 vs 7.1 would also be useful. I have read on various forums that 7.1 has driven people to revert back to 6.9 because of unresolvable issues. Needless to say, Symantec support and resources are less then helpful.


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Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
School of Communication and Information
P 732.932.7500 x8999

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Hello Tina,


As the Altiris administrator for our institution I’d be glad to assist however I can. Feel free to email or call, I’m still learning about the Altiris world but I’m happy to share what I know.



Andy Schuler

IT Principal Analyst – User Support Services

Pima Community College District Offices