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For those of you who are already using Symantec (Altiris) Deployment Solution, do you know of any quality training courses – preferably hands-on, off site?

Many Thanks,
Brady Gallese
Susquehanna University

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We actually brought in a Symantec/Altiris consultant and part of the SOW was “side-by-side training”…..that worked out well for us because we were able to learn what we were doing while we were deploying within our own environment….





We've actually have signed up and done training directly through Symantec which was pretty good. We also had hand's on training similar to Michael's except we flew someone from another institution in, put them up in a hotel and fed him for a week and in return he walked through our environment with us and worked with us on any questions we had specific to our environment. This was one the of the best training experiences I've had and within one week we were up and running with some everything from simple software deployments to more advanced hardware independent images (this was before Deploy Anywhere). I would highly recommend this course of action if possible and you can find or know of willing parties.

Jason Pelletier
Systems Engineer
Manager of Public Computing Services
Bowdoin College