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Hi All,


I’m looking for any advice you have on dealing with the  Apple Volume Purchase Program  relating to the support/ deployment of the Apps.  Also, If you have rules/ procedures in place that you can share would be great. 


Some of the topics I’m looking to research…..

·         How do you support Apps

·         Do you support Apps on non-university devices?

·         Purchasing of Apps by individual faculty/departments…how do you deal with chargebacks (if you do)?

·         Deploying Apps on personal devices.  The ones that Faculty say they “only use for teaching purposes”

·         Who set the purchasing rules…IT or the Purchasing Department?


Thanks for any information you can give.


Treiva Dungee

Director of Client Support Services

Academic Computing Services | Information Services

Anderson Hall 24 | West Chester, PA 19383

P:610.436.3397 | F:610.436.3240


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Another VERY timely discussion…..we’re trying to tackle the same thing.  Our Apple rep pointed us at this info, and we’re just now taking a look….


Have you watched the WebEx on the program at:


For the best experience with this program, please register for one of the free Web Casts that take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2-3 p.m. central time:

          Apple Volume Purchase Program Web Cast (live):

You can also access the On-Demand version of the Web Cast here:  

          Apple Volume Purchase Web Cast (On Demand):




There has been much discussion about licensing Apple software in the Licensing list. You might want to browse the archives there:


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