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Morning everyone,


We were wondering if anyone would be willing to share their rates for A/V services.  Rate such as tech time to assist in just connecting to an installed projector, running the audio for an event, projector rentals, etc…


If you also print large size posters, ie: 36”x48”, those rates would be appreciated as well.


We’ve heard from our faculty that our rates are too high (I guess anything over $0 is too much).  We’ve compared our poster printing charges vs. local places such as Kinkos and Staples and we’re actually cheaper.


Thank you in advance.





Jack Vizelter
Assistant Director for Help Desk & AV / Media
Information Technology

212.327.7573 (Direct)
212.327.8712 (Fax)   

The Rockefeller University
1230 York Avenue

Information Technology, Box 175
New York, NY 10065


IT will never ask you for your passphrase. If you receive e-mail asking for your passphrase, NEVER give it out.


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                We charge $50.00 per hour for event support if we receive at least 10 business days advance notice.   The rate changes to $75.00 per hour with less notice.  We don’t charge university people wanting to borrow equipment.  We are a computer support department, so we don’t do printing, etc.  We only do the A/V event support because the community thinks that “Hey…it’s technology…IT should do it.” 





Rhonda Gold

Information Technology

Lesley University

29 Everett Street

Cambridge, MA 02138

(t) 617.349.8832;  (f) 617.349.8989





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Yeah, I think that’s how IT inherited the AV services here.


We’re a bit different university. We’re not a traditional university.  The various service departments here do charge back for services.   When we need to replace equipment, the cost of the equipment over a fixed period, ie 5 years is calculated and then billed back.  For instance, renting a projector can cost $147 for a full day (we do offer ½ pricing for this).  We also have several rooms on campus that have preinstalled projectors and/or plasmas and are setup as a self service room with instructions.  Users who use these rooms as self service are not charged.  If they request someone from IT to assist the presenter in connecting a laptop to a vga cable, we bill a bit over $12 as we charge for staff time for IT.