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Is anyone using the Blackboard LMS in conjunction with Adobe Connect for synchronous presentations, meetings, and office hours?

If so, would you be willing to share your experiences, including feedback on Adobe Connect and also how it integrates with Blackboard as a virtual classroom or online office component?

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We sent this question to a few of our faculty working with Blackboard and Adobe Connect.  Below are their responses I received so far.  Hope it helps.





I use blackboard & adobe connect , am considering discontinuing,  in all of my classes. The technology is not conducive to classes with more than 10-12 students. I even tried to resolve problems directly with Adobe and they couldn't help.


I would like to know if others have resolved technology problems.



I use Adobe Connect for everything.  My typical routine is to load my presentation in PPT to Connect, and then have the PC in the classroom project Connect onto the front screen during class using the ceiling mounted projector.  I use my iPad to control the presentation and to use the white board and to draw on slides.  It also allows me to walk around the room since the iPad has a video camera and microphone.  I also record the lectures for students to watch after class.  About a third of my class logs into the lectures remotely.  Also, I have my TA spend her recitations presenting the solutions to the homework on Connect in a separate meeting.  No one usually logs into these, but the presentations are recorded so students can check them out at their leisure.  I hold several study sessions on Connect in the days leading up to an exam.  These are again recorded so that students unable to attend the meeting can watch the recording later.  Finally, when students come in for one on one consultation, I use the white board inside Connect with my iPad and a stylus to go over the material with the student.  Again, I record these sessions so that other students, having the some problem, can watch the session so they don't have to repeatedly visit me.  What would really help is to be able to leave the meetings running all the time so students can log into the meetings at any time and, assuming other students are logged in as well, then the meeting becomes a general meeting place where students can work together on homeworks.


I'm extremely impressed with the way Connect is integrated into Blackboard because it allows me to easily invite students in the class to the meeting.  The only I issue that I have is that I have a class, EE222, that has three separate sections in a shared lecture.  So when I record a lecture on Connect, only one of the three sections has instant access to the lecture because its only that class that can access the recordings through blackboard.  This is a very serious issue because it gives that only section an advantage over the other sections.






I’ve had another response from one of our faculty members regarding their use of Blackboard and Adobe Connect.




I use Adobe Connect all the time as an integral component of courses that are in BlackBoard at the University of Kentucky College of Education.  I simply provide the link to the Connect meeting room in the appropriate location for the content/purpose of using it in the BB course menu.  Several examples:  (1) I begin every fully online course with a recorded Connect session wherein I simply review the syllabus, and introduce myself to students 'in person'  - I use the desktop sharing to call up the Syllabus doc and also if I need to show any web links, YouTube video clips or presentations… My students really are extremely positive about this approach — we ALL feel like it is echoes the former f2f 'first day of class' meeting — they get to see and hear me (facilitation tone is so key in discussions/blogs etc) and those that can/want to log on synchronously have that option for the time I do the actual recording, so there is a look and feel of real time questions/interactions on this 'first (virtual) day'  -- The recording link is then placed in the Course Information and also in the Syllabus    area of BB

(2)  I provide several opportunities during the year for students who are able to attend a f2f class on campus that I 'broadcast' live to those who can attend synchronously — at a distance — and then record it for those who took the class never expecting (rightfully so!) to not have to attend any on campus sessions --  it is surprising how many students like this option and I get to meet some of them, something I still (frankly enjoy and miss!).

(3) I often set up student project groups in Connect, so they can meet, talk, see each other and also use the whiteboard tools or file exchanges to collaborate — asynchronous work seems to be much smoother if they can have an initial and a mid-point synchronous option — scheduling can be difficult — I usually reserve this option for smaller (20-25) graduate level classes.  


Anywhere I can post a 'web link' in BB I can use Connect — as long as the tools and resources support or enhance the instructional goals and experiences I intend.