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This year for our incoming class of medical students, we are planning to configure their connection to our secure wireless network for them in a single afternoon.  We’ll have up to about 150 mobile devices that will need to be configured within a 4 hour time frame and they will just be dropping them off and leaving them with us during that time. 


We have lots of technical help to get the work done, but I’m wondering what others are doing as far as the logistics of managing the drop off and pick up process.  We need to quickly get these students in the door, collect their devices, tag it with their name and gather login information.   We’ve done this before with much smaller groups, but this is the first year with this kind of volume.  Does anyone else do this and have a seamless process? 


Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


Diane Gentile  |  Customer Services Manager

Washington University School of Medicine

Central Information Technology Services  | 314-747-1426


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Hi Diane:

When we were distributing required laptops to our students (no longer the case), we used a queueing model with several stations (tables with distinct activities) set up in contiguous rooms throughout the first floor of an administration building; the students all started at the first station and flowed through the other stations in sequence.  We tried to best estimate service times at the different stations with arrival rates of the students and through trial and error, were able to accommodate ~100 students per hour.  The students did not come randomly but were assigned to different time slots (e.g., 9:00 – 9:45, 10:00 – 10:45, etc.) in groups of 100 to come to the first station during the day.

Hope this helps.

Thank you.

Ty Brennan


Thomas (Ty) Brennan

AVP for Technology / CIO

Salve Regina University

Newport, RI 02840






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Have you looked into creating a saved network connection? You can do this for Windows if memory served. Then you could make this self-service and put it on a web server behind a secure login.




Gary Knigge; Senior Systems Analyst

Division of Technology Services, UW-River Falls

Wisconsin, USA


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