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Just wondering what organizations do for goal setting for desktop and help desk personnel. This has been very challenging for us as much of their work is of an operational nature as opposed to more project focused work.


Our current system for goals and reviews across all of central IT is as follows:

·         Our tool has a goal section and a behavior section.

·         Goals are “wide open” in terms of what goals you can agree for your staff and we target 4 – 7 goals per staff member.

·         Behaviors are around topics like customer focus, interpersonal skills, innovation, drive for results, job knowledge and diversity.

·         Both sections use a scale of 1 – 5 with “Does not Meet Expectations” being a 1 and “Exceeds Expectations” being a 5.


Traditionally I have avoided in the goals area such metrics as ticket volumes, call volumes and the like. To me those open the door for dispute. Call volumes are based on the randomness of call routing systems and are not good measures in my mind (for example someone could get a bunch of password  reset calls while the next person gets a bunch of calls requiring more support time and therefore will have lower volumes). On the ticket volume side, you can have people cherry picking tickets and taking as many of the “easy” ones and in turn can run those numbers up (and for that reason, it feels more appropriate to me to rate them in the behavior section based on review of their work).


To give these same staff projects isn’t practical either for you take them away from phone coverage or desk side support.


We have had goals in the past around quality review of tickets, customer service survey ratings and KB article review (at the Service Desk). We really want to come up with quality goals that allow our staff to stretch themselves while balancing the operational help desk and desktop support needs.


Thank you for any input or ideas you can share.


Dwight Snethen

Director, Customer Service, IT Service Management and Quality Assurance

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