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Our Help Desk has equipment that faculty and staff are able to check out and use for a period of time when needed.


Examples of this equipment would be laptops, cameras, projectors etc.


What are your procedures for the following:


What software do you use to keep track of the inventory of equipment you have loaned out and available

Are your users able to log into this software to see what is available to loan out and also reserve what they need

If the equipment is not returned on time what are your procedures

Does your IT Department take care of loaning out the equipment or is this done by your Library Staff?


I am looking at making changes to the how we handle loaner equipment and what software we currently use and was trying to get an idea of what other people are currently doing?





Sandi Carpenter

Ashland University

Director Client Services/Tech Support Center



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I have a loaner pool of similar items but I also loan to students.  I manage this exclusively for the College of Education. 


We have a home grown check out system that is so-so but it works for what we need it to do – check out, set return dates, issue emails when items are overdue, etc.  We do not have integration with Banner so that would be something I would want in my next system, in addition to putting charges directly on the student’s account.  


Right now, if I want to charge students for late fees and missing/lost equipment fees, I have to do it manually by sending a report to the registrar who would put the charges on the student’s account.  Then I would have to send another form to credit the account if/when they return the lost/missing equipment.  I have signs up in my check out area showing the per day late fees and the lost equipment fees.  That pretty much scares them and they tend to return the items on time or ‘not very’ late.  My objective is really not to charge the students but to get the equipment back.  If they are late, their check-out account is locked and they have to come to me to plead their case. 


No charge to faculty or staff for late fees.  I usually hunt them down.  And if they lose it, I go to the department chair or department head and have them buy me a replacement.  The Dean will back me up on this.


Hope this helps …


Anthony J. Santucci

Technology Support Services

Appalachian State University

Boone, NC

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At Duke, we use our Library's circulation system to check out equipment -- we're staffed by IT personnel but physically located in the Library, so it works out well. We can take advantage of the existing workflow for due dates, charging etc. I'd encourage you to look into whatever your library is using for circulation, if you haven't already.

Erin Nettifee