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Hi All,

I am not sure if this is the correct list in which to post this question. Please let me know if I should direct it elsewhere.

I am writing to ask about fine structures for overdue tech equipment. We have a team that manages the borrowing of AV equipment. The current fine structure for overdue items is $/day/item with a maximum of $50 per item. We want to make sure that our fines encourage the return of the equipment while at the same time not making them so high that it causes hardship for the students.

If your school has a fine structure for overdue items, what fine structure do your schools use?

Thank you!

Jedidiah Rex
Manager of Instructional Technology & Multimedia Support
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At U of L, we don't loan AV equipment, but we do have a laptop loaner program.  Here is our policy…


If the laptop is damaged or lost the $100.00 deposit will not be refunded and you will incur a replacement charge not to exceed a maximum of $1,250.00.  If not paid, a hold at the Bursar’s office will be placed on the account.  Users will not be able to register, graduate, etc.  if there is a block on the account.


We actually do not have a stated policy to pay for damages and do not have a deposit structure.  We have been very successful but have had a couple of situations where a laptop was not returned.  In that case, the Business Office put a hold on the student so they cannot register for classes or ever receive a transcript from the University.



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Michelle Dunn


Trine University

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