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We're looking for a consultant that can assist us with an installation and configuration of a new SAN for our local VMware VCenter-based system. We're currently running a Dell MD3000i with iSCSI over 2 Dell PowerConnect 5424 1GB switches and 5 Dell PowerConnect systems running VMware ESX 4.1 Enterprise, managed by VMware VCenter 4.1. We're looking to go to and have already purchased the new SAN architecture: Dell Equalogic PS6100 series controllers and SAN arrays, and 2 Dell PowerConnect 6248 1GB switches for the iSCSI backbone. We'd also like to upgrade to VMware ESX 5 and VCenter 5, as this has been delayed due to incompatibility issues (simply lack of support) with our current SAN.

We also have documentation for a working concept for what we would like to end up with on the new SAN. We'd like the consultant to be able to help us review our concept and tweak it as necessary to adhere to best practices and provide us with a solid foundation. We wouldd also like the consultant to assist and partake in the actual installation and configuration process of the SAN arrays, network switches and wiring, and configurations of the VMware ESX hosts with the new SAN.
We are located in NJ, and are hoping for a consultant/company in the local area/region who would be able to start as soon as possible. Any suggestions or feedback would be greatly appreciated.
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
School of Communication and Information
P 732.932.7500 x8999

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