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What tool are you using to manage Macs in an Active Directory environment and what sort of management are you doing? Have you successfully linked Profile Manager to domain users and groups?

We are currently evaluating options for more fully integrating Macs into our Active Directory environment. Our main interests are pushing drive mappings and printers (from our Windows print server) based on computers and groups of computers (e.g. labs), domain users, and domain groups. We use and are happy with ARD for remote management and software deployment, and deploystudio for imaging.

Our clients are all running OS X 10.7, and we are currently evaluating Managed Preferences (both via the AD/OD "Golden Triangle" and AD schema extensions) and the new Profile Manager in OS X 10.7 server. We are mostly focused on Profile Manager as we are interested in the mobile device management capabilities as well, but have run into difficulty using Profile Manager to manage preferences based on domain users and groups.

Jenni Piper

Associate Director of Technology Services

Eastern Mennonite University



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