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Hi All,


I thought this was a topic that was covered recently, but can’t find any threads of it in the past year…


We are going through the process of updating our Mediated “Smart” Classroom standards at Wentworth and are looking for input on some of the standards that other schools are using. Currently most of our rooms have a projector, screen, speakers and control panels (mostly Crestron). We don’t have desktops in the rooms as we have a Laptop Program for all Faculty and Students.


1.       What is your standard basic level classroom with A/V?

2.       What is your standard equipment install for rooms that are lecture capture capable?

3.       What are your standards for your higher end rooms?

4.       Are your mediated classrooms part of a structured replacement cycle? If so, what is the timeline once a room is installed to when it is upgraded again?


Any feedback is greatly appreciated!




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As I have just gone through this process recently at OU, I can speak to this very well.


1.) Our “standard” classrooms have the following A/V equipment by default:


·         Classroom PC

·         Combo DVD/VHS Player

·         Projector

·         Projection Screen (Standard 4:3)

·         Ceiling Mounted Speakers

·         Wall Controls (Video Source/ Audio Control / Power)


2.) Our “lecture capture capable” rooms are performed within our “smart” classrooms. They each have the following equipment by default:


·         Ceiling Mounted Speakers + Hanging Ceiling Microphones

·         HD Projector

·         Powered 113” Widescreen Projection Screen (16:10)

·         PTZ HD Video Camera

·         42” LCD “Confidence” Screen (in back of the room)

·         4” Crestron Touch Panel Controller located in front of room near whiteboard to change video camera presets

·         Mediated Custom Lectern (Dual Racks) which houses:

o   7” Crestron Touch Panel Controller

o   Classroom PC

o   Blu-ray Player

o   Combo DVD/VHS Player

o   HD Document Camera

o   SMART Technologies Bluetooth Tablet

o   SMART Technologies Podium Display

o   Wireless Mouse

o   Handheld Mic / Lapel Mic

o   Guest connection cables for VGA/Audio, HDMI, Cat6

o   (2) Power Outlets

o   Media Controller/Scalers/Switchers/Audio Gear

o   Echo360 SafeCapture HD Appliance


3.) See #2 above. J


4.) The Classroom PC is on a 3-year lease cycle, the other A/V equipment is on a 5-year cycle with an aggressive maintenance agreement on everything within the rooms.


Please let me know if you would like to discuss anything in more detail. Hope this helps.





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