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We’re re-evaluating a ‘home grown’ user account creation and management system and are curious what others are using.  With our current system accounts are automatically created when applicants are accepted to the University using data from our Ellucian Colleague system.  Users then go to a page to enter password and security questions and activate the account. The program synchs different systems together so that a single password can be used (e.g. ERP -Colleague, LMS -Desire to Learn, Email -Office 365 ………).


Over time the program has become complex and we’re looking for a simpler solution.  Would appreciate knowing which program you’re using to manage user accounts.






Rick Kubb

Director of Technology Services
Maryville University

Gander Hall, Room 215


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We also use a complex custom home-grown solution that creates AD and ERP accounts and notifies the user.  I wish there was an easy answer but I’m afraid one does not exist.  We did implement a self-service password reset function for AD, which is integrated with our ERP portal, so that has helped reduce help desk calls.


Thank you,


Michelle Dunn


Trine University

1 University Avenue

Angola, IN 46703


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We’re using a feed from our Banner system into Microsoft’s Identity Lifecycle Manager (ILM) – that generates the accounts for everyone on the AD side.  We’re getting ready to go through a major AD redesign/forklift upgrade – moving to Microsoft’s Forefront Identity Manager (FIM), as well as some other major upgrades within the AD infrastructure….