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A few years ago we outsourced our students to Google and use uid(or alias) name space, which we would like to retain.  Implementing Google Groups, however, will require either a large amount of custom programming to integrate with our existing LDAP groups (faculty and staff are on locally administered Exchange with schema), or Google says we can change all new students to an alternative domain.  When we investigated our switch, approximately 80% of the universities that had outsourced to Google were using the domain.  Are you all not implementing Google Groups, using new name space, developing interfaces, or some magic bullet (hopeful smile) we may not have thought about? 


If anyone has any ideas or successful experience, I would very much appreciate it.  I would welcome off-line if this is too specific for general list consumption. 


Thanks in advance,




Ricky Roberts

Director of Technical Support

Northern Arizona University

(928) 523-6950


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