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We are rolling out Windows 7 and are looking for any ideas and tips on how to make this very successful. We would appreciate any insight any of you can provide that we might beg, borrow and steal. Thank you.


Dwight Snethen

Director, Customer Service, IT Service Management and Quality Assurance

ITaP Customer Relations

Purdue University

Stewart Center: Room B14E



Self Help Knowledgebase:

Assisted Technical Support: 765-494-4000


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We created a “Welcome to Windows 7” document, and we also have a quick reference card we obtained for free from here: to give to our users.


We made sure to push the benefits of Windows 7 as much as we could and basically any machine coming into our area is reimaged with Windows 7.  It took a lot of convincing to our Administration that we needed to go to Windows 7, but they finally saw the light. 




Here's a link to our information about Windows 7 in our Knowledge Base -


As I recall, summer 2010 our Student Technology Centers made builds of it available in specific locations on campus and sent targeted mailings to faculty so they could get an advance look. We rolled it out fall 2010. Perhaps you could deliver preview builds via virtual desktop now.


Here's a link to a news piece we used last January 2010, in preparation -


Here's another news piece we ran in Nov 2009 - it links to some podcasts we also published to start preparing folks.