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Hey all,


We are wondering how other universities handle processing news stories generated over the weekend. For example, if something “important” happened for your school on a Saturday, how does that news get written up and pushed to a web delivery?


Are you staffed in a special way for 7-day news coverage? Are most weekend stories really just “Monday stories” that get processed on the next workday? Do you have a news-centric chain of command for approving and releasing news on a weekend? Are there specific tools you use to help procure weekend content (for writing and or submitting news? Processing feeds automatically to swap out emerging news stories on your websites? Etc)


I appreciate any and all feedback you can offer J Thanks!





John Krane

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New Jersey Institute of Technology


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From a web systems and IT perspective, the systems never sleep, so the tools are always available to post news at any time. Seems like not a technology question but a non-IT management question for your news staff?