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Do you all have news sites / ezines and the like that you want to brag about? We’re getting ready to revamp some of ours and would love to see some eye-candy, plus get any ideas about capabilities that you’re pleased with. Just to be fair our current daily news site is this: (we get a formatted email about it each day): and another is - we’re not happy with the visual quality of either, but the reporting and print versions are good (we think). We’re on Drupal and will be hosting the new sites on that, but at this point we’re gathering visual ideas and capabilities, platform shouldn’t matter. Thanks! I know you all have some great examples. Marie Raney Director, Web Communication Technologies; University Webmaster WebTech | MS 9028 | 360-650-6355 | OM 390 | [Description: cid:E413553C-9D25-4C37-A2F3-E5BBE10F3CB4] ********** Participation and subscription information for this EDUCAUSE Constituent Group discussion list can be found at
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