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The American Association of University Women
The Department of Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies at The Ohio State University

invite you to a
INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY CONCERT and Exhibit of Virtual Art on Sunday, March 4.

This is an online concert of live music; all are welcome, and admission is free. Instructions on how to join us are below:


First,download the Second Life client, here:
Then use the link on that page to join Second Life (free).

Use this link to arrive at the Minerva amphitheater: 


The IWD concert continues for most of the day.  Come early if you would like help in learning how to navigate Second Life. Times are below, as well as samples of music from each artist.

11 am Pacific Time (2 pm Eastern, 7pm U.K.)
Naftali Torok- European folk  & Gypsy fiddling

12 pm Pacific Time (3 pm Eastern, 8pm U.K.)
AM Forte – Rock and Blues

1 pm Pacific Time (4 pm Eastern, 9pm U.K.)
SonyaJevette Charisma, blues

2 pm Pacific Time (5 pm Eastern,10 pm U.K.)
TerryLynn Melody, folk

3 pm Pacific Time (6 pm Eastern,11 pm U.K.)
The Choo Choo Chicks, Jazz

ART EXHIBIT: St. Isabella's Isle, by Indea Vaher

Use this link to arrive at the exhibit:

St. Isabella's Isle in Second Life was a 3D recreation of a 19th-century community.  Indea Vaher's vignettes of daily life on St. Isabella's  gave an intimate portrait of the Gullah culture of Georgia and South Carolina, and was a very popular site for virtual sightseeing, until it closed in 2011.  We will be displaying the best of her collection on Minerva.

Exhibit opens on March 4 and continues for the month of March.
Department of Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies
The Ohio State University
286 University Hall, 230 North Oval Mall
Columbus, Ohio 43210-1311

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Avatar:  Ellie Brewster (Second Life, Reaction Grid, Open Sim, Jokaydia)

Visit Minerva Island in Second Life:

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