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I'm thinking about Ada Lovelace Day, March 24  for the discussion on women & IT  

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Hey, IT Women CGers!

Here are two quick blasts to make your Friday special.

First, for those of you going to ELI, we'll have a IT Women CG table at breakfast Tuesday morning. Hope to see enough of you there that we make table plural.

Second, NCWIT (National Center for Women & IT; has a new initiative called "Sit with Me." Check out to see how you can turn a simple red chair into a an opportunity to make a difference. See the inspiring tag lines below to get a sense of what it's all about. If you post pictures to their site, please tag them as associated with the  IT Women CG.

Have a great weekend, hope to see many of you at ELI!


Deborah Keyek-Franssen, Ph.D.
Director, Academic Technology
Co-Director, Colorado Coalition for Gender & IT
Director, Colorado Learning and Teaching with Technology Conference (COLTT)
313 UCB
Boulder, CO  80309-0313

you have to sit
to take a stand.

We sit to inspire women in computing and IT.

We sit to recognize the value of women’s technical contributions.

We sit to embrace women’s important perspectives and increase their participation.

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Deb, thanks for sharing these links. I’m particularly inspired by the Red Chair.  My mind is already whirring as I think of the possibilities of how it could impact my campus…..


Happy Friday, everyone!





Heather Maddox White

Director, Fiscal & Administrative Affairs

Office of the Vice President for Information Technology

University of Alabama at Birmingham

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Same here!  For my college and my childrens' science club.

Janet Scannell
Director of Computing Services
Bryn Mawr College

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Thanks for the link Deb!

Terri Gustafson
Center for Teaching & Technology
College of Education - Michigan State University
E: - P: 517-432-4329
Twitter: @tgustafson; @Centr4TeachTech

I just caught the tail end of this yesterday on  PBS NewsHour:
"Bridging the Gender Gap: Why More Women Aren't Computer Scientists, Engineers"

Harvey Mudd College President MARIA KLAWE: "…we have all kinds of students who arrive saying, I hate computers. But they have to take a computer science course in the first semester. And halfway through the semester, I'll be asking them, what do you think? What's your favorite course? And probably 90 percent say C.S.-5. I hate computers, I hate computing, but, oh, my God, that's the greatest course ever."

As I heard that I thought, "How can I get my daughter into that computer class?!"  

It's unlikely my writer/photographer/dancer/singer/song-writer/indy fashion design-ista daughter will be applying to one of Harvey Mudd's 9 math, science, and engineering-based majors, so little hope for that.  When I encourage her to try the "Fun! Great for girls!" computer science class offered at her high school based on "The Beauty and Joy of Computing" she rolls her eyes.  

Perhaps compulsory college freshman classes ARE the way to go. Or maybe if they were compulsory in the junior year of high school, my daughter WOULD be applying in a math, science or engineering major.  

Lisa Ho
IT Policy Manager
Berkeley Privacy & Policy Office
UC Berkeley

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