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On November 7 we have a 50 minute Health Science IT CG Face to face session.  Following are the proposed goals and agenda for our session.  Please provide input, especially for the agenda item #3 – key topic areas.

Session info at:

-Boyd Knosp

Carver College of Medicine

The University of Iowa


Health Science IT CG Meeting goals are:


1.     Educate about Health Science IT constituency group – grow community.

2.     Educate about AAMC opportunities – access to content and events

3.     Get ideas on ways our constituency group can address health science specific IT



Proposed AGENDA:

1. Intro to constituency group – 10 minutes

2. AAMC opportunities – Morgan Passiment, AAMC 10 minutes

3. Health Science IT – key topic areas and next steps – 30 minutes

NOTE: this is where we could use input before the meeting: what should these areas be? Can we prioritize? Possibilities include:


·      Inter-professional education

·      Leveraging EMRs in Research and Education

·      Between a rock and multiple IT organizations – collaborations between central/collegiate/departmental/clinical IT units

·      Others? (keep in mind that many topics are addressed in other areas of Educause, we should focus on Health Science IT topics)

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Boyd et al. Here are some thoughts on the agenda. I look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow morning. - Regarding collaborations, what do shared services look like between the health sciences schools and a hospital, between the health science schools and campus, and among all participants? What different requirements/cultures must we consider (compliance/regulatory issues, pace of decision making, ... )? - "Competencies for health sciences school IT/informatics leaders." I recently attended CHIME and there was an interesting presentation from Witt/Kiefer on hospital CIO profiles and how they're changing (growing demand for certifications; about 50% of CIO candidates are getting psychological tests as part of search process). Will any of those expectations bleed over to the academic side? If so, what leadership competencies distinguish academic IT leaders in the health schools from the provider CIOs and other schools and colleges? Finally, what do we want to do as follow up to our discussion? Write a white paper? Prepare a session proposal for next year's Educause?