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Apologies for cross posting.


Further to the work done by Lee Badman earlier this year and the Educause petition to Apple[1] regarding the supportability of their products on Enterprise networks, Tim Chown at the University of Southampton, UK has highlighted to me that Apple have released an Internet Draft that is a specific consequence of the petition. For those of you over in the US, Tim Chown is very much involved in new networking technologies JANET and GEANT (UK and Europe equilivants of Internet2), and he’s Co-Chair of the IETF BoF considering this problem. As you can see in his e-mail below he would very much like to get some feedback from the community on the mdnsext list to help shape the problem statement.


I think we need to thank Lee for initiating the petition, and a collective pat on the back for all signing the petition and then making Apple listen.





From: Tim Chown <>

Subject: Re: [WIRELESS-ADMIN] Petition to Apple for better Enterprise Support

Date: 12 October 2012 12:37:42 BST


Reply-To: Wireless Issues in the JANET community <WIRELESS-ADMIN@JISCMAIL.AC.UK>


A heads up on the issue of service discovery for campus networks.


There is a new mdnsext BoF planned for IETF85, which is about extending service discovery capabilities, to scenarios including campuses.


An initial rather sketchy problem statement has been posted:


Discussion on the problem statement is encouraged, preferably on the mdnsext list.  You can join that list here:


As a co-chair at least for the BoF, I can say that the more comments and discussion we have to gauge community opinion, the better.









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Very nice, great work.

Does anyone have experience (positive or negative) with enabling multicast on wireless networks?

My users are pressuring us to add multicast to support AppleTV’s remote display via wireless.

The 802.1x support is great but I’m told I still need to enable multicast and I’m concerned it’s going to break something else.







What is your wireless infrastructure? We are an Aruba shop and Aruba has a feature that can convert multicast to unicast. We use that for IPTV. In standard 802.11 networks, multicast is transmitted at the lowest rate of the SSID. Some vendors “bend” that to transmit multicast at the lowest connected client rate.


Regardless, the clients need to be on the same subnet for AirPlay, etc. to work. That is why Aruba has their AirGroup feature and other vendor have their own bonjour gateways announced.


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