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I have searched the archives and it has been a while since IPAM/DNS/DHCP management systems have been discussed in any detail. We are in the process of evaluating replacing our VitalQIP system with either BlueCat or Infoblox. We have both systems in the lab with a good sampling of our QIP data imported for testing. So far both systems have been working as expected, but I have a few questions for any of you who use either product. I know there are quite a few questions, please don't feel obligated to answer them all. Anything you can address would be greatly appreciated. * If you don't mind publicly posting the basic design of your DNS/DHCP infrastructure as well as the number of records managed by the IPAM system, please do so? * How stable have the systems been over all (Proteus, grid masters, dns, and dhcp)? * How has the system upgrade process been? Any major issues experienced after or during an upgrade? * How do you like the user interface? Do you feel all the menus flow well with each other? * How does the interface work for adding the following types of records (A, AAAA, CNAME, MX, TXT, SRV)? * How is their IPv6 support? Is it easy to manage v6 records? * Are there any issues integrating the systems with Active Directory and/or dynamic DNS updates? * How has working with their customer support department been? * How is the system for delegating access to individuals or departments? * What are some features you really like? * What are some issues/bugs/problems that you have encountered recently? * If you migrated from VitalQIP how was the migration process? Did you use professional services? * If you could do it over again, would you continue to use the same vendor or would you look elsewhere? If you prefer to talk in person I can be reached at: Jason Murray, Washington University in St. Louis - 314-935-4865 - I will summarize all calls and post them back to the list. Thank you in advance for helping us make our decision! -- Jason E. Murray Sr. Systems Engineer Washington University in St. Louis Phone: 314-935-4865 Email: Web: ********** Participation and subscription information for this EDUCAUSE Constituent Group discussion list can be found at
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Hey Jason,

I know this is ancient but I was wondering, what did you end up doing?  And how'd it go?

Was it cost that drove you away from vQip?