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We are having issues with our EBSCO databases.  Some users can get to them but cannot do a search.  It just blanks out the search when they hit enter and gives them no results.

We cannot recreate the issue either from on-campus or off-campus.

We are using ezproxy so that the EBSCO servers "Think" our remote users are coming from on campus.  They have to authenticate to ezproxy but then their source address is of the ezproxy server and the database does not challenge them.

Is anyone else using ezproxy like this to get to EBSCO databases and are you having issues too?

It's not just 1-2 students.  I don't have hard numbers but it is getting ugly.  So far we have not found the magic sauce that causes this.

John Kaftan
IT Infrastructure Manager
Utica College

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Hi John, Our ezproxy service is managed by library staff, and about two weeks ago I've personally had a problem with one journal that falls under the category EBSCOhost Electronic Journal Service (EJS) that they say they can't reproduce from off-campus. At this point I'm the only one who has run into this, but then it may be that few people have interest in this journal. The proxy is initiating access as it should but somehow it doesn't allow access to the journals nonetheless. I could try sniffing a session to this journal on-campus and then off to see what is going on but I haven't taken the time yet. I'm not sure if this is related to what you're seeing or not, but I thought I'd toss that out there because it could be. This is the journal I can't access from outside our campus IP block. It's unusual in that you need to click "institutional login" to get access but if you've arrived through ezproxy you should get immediate access to all journals in a long list. Mark


EBSCO put out a statement back in December that their ip addresses were going to change sometime in January.  Maybe that is the issue.   If you have firewall rules relating to their ip addresses, that might have to change to reflect the new ip addresses.

   I am told it is working fine on our campus.