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Greetings NETMAN - 

We once again have an opportunity to talk all things Network at EDUCAUSE 2012!  EDUCAUSE is repeating the enhanced opportunities for constituent group meetings that were so successful at 2011's national conference.  Last year we had over 40 participants at the Network Management Constituent Group meeting, and several other network tech conversations in the Constituent Group Lounge.  There's been a good growth in activity for Network Managers at EDUCAUSE National.

This year, we will have our regular NETMAN meeting, as well as opportunities for round-table discussions and/or mini-presentations in the Constituent Group Lounge, and other opportunities.  This is a great way to get to present at Educause without having a large meeting room or having to send in an official proposal to the program committee.  Do you have a story worth telling?  A project worth sharing?

So I would like to pose the following to the list - 

What specific topics around Network Management would you like to have round-table discussions on?

Do you have a mini-presentation or story you would like to share with your fellow Network Managers at EDUCAUSE 2012?

Feel free to respond to this note, or drop me one directly. 

Thanks for your support of our Network Management community, and I hope to see you at EDUCAUSE 2012!

Pete Hoffswell - Network Manager
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It’s that time already!?


Last month I organized a meeting of the network managers for the Massachusetts State Universities and Community Colleges (if any of the UMass’s are on this list, you’ll be getting an invite for our next meeting and our listserv!).  I ran the meeting the same as the NetMan constituent group meetings (I promoted this group, so I hope there was a bump in people from MA getting on this list!).   It may be helpful to see the items of concern for this group as a seed for people to chime in.  The following are the non-“wireless” items we discussed (in a 5+ hour meeting!):




Firewalls (is NGFW worth it?)

Rate Shaping/Internet bandwidth


ADC/Load Balancers

Network Management (in terms of scheduled downtime policies.  This covered extent of downtime; extent of systems in outage; frequency of scheduled maintenance; life-safety .. e.g bringing down VoIP systems)


Network design has become a hot topic here lately.  Specifically, security and traffic control.  Should firewalls remain at the LAN/Internet boundary or be brought toward the core for more visibility/control of internal traffic?  Should we rely on ACL’s around the network?


We can cover all of that in 50 minutes, right?