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Anyone aware of a manageable (CLI) fanless gigabit switch in a 24-port (preferable) or 48-port flavor?


OR, one that has a fan but is EXTREMELY quiet?  This is going to be placed in an office environment.


I can do either copper or fiber uplinks.




Paul Walker

Division Manager, Computer & Network Support | Information Systems

Moody Bible Institute

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I’ve been setting up HP 2620-48PoE+ switches on my desk and half the time I forget they are on because they are so quiet.  HP makes their 2620 layer 2+ switch in 24 and 48 port models with CLI and Web management.


They do have fans in them that kick on during boot-up and I would imagine they spin up when hot so it might depend on the temperature in the office environment.



Andy Poirier

Network Administrator

North Central University





This has worked for us in those situations, but it's only a 12-port unit; I don't think I've ever heard the fans kick in:


-- Jim Gogan / Univ of North Carolina at Chapel Hill



If you can get away with only 12 ports I would recommend this switch as well or maybe even two of them.  We use them and we have one as our main switch for our 300Mb internet connection and it is rock solid.


Thanks for the options.  I’ll try one of the Enterasys models and see how it works.


Paul Walker

Division Manager, Computer & Network Support | Information Systems