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As we continue to add computers to our Library printing becomes an issue.  Printers are loud and the type of printing students do, i.e. small duplexed jobs, tends to be hard on our printers.  We have HP 4515s that are supposed to handle 250K pages/month but are dying and we are only printing 20k pages/mo.  We are looking for a printer that is quiet and that can stand up to the kind of printing we are doing.  Any suggestions?

John Kaftan
IT Infrastructure Manager
Utica College

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We have a contract with an local firm to maintain our 5 HP 4015 library printers. The busiest 3 did almost 100k pages each over September. The company comes in regularly to do the required maintenance and change toner. It is absolutely worth the price, printer problems have dropped way down and time to fix is shorter than it was when we tried to do it all in-house.

I believe that firm uses their own toner, but I've also heard very strong recommendations to never use any recycled toner, they're just not as reliable.