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Those of you who are Juniper shops, do any of you use EX-2200’s in production?  I’ve looked at the specifications and they appear to be similar to systems I bought 10 years ago, but I’m being pressured to cut costs.


Comments (on the units and their use/functionality)?




Standard disclaimer: Vendors, please don’t call/email me on this.  I’m looking for advice, not resellers.  Thank you.


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We’re running Juniper in our Core network at our main campus as well as our remote sites.  In the IT house we’re running off an EX-2200 24p-4G and it works well.  The problem with the EX-2200’s (from my perspective) is that they are a very costly edge switch.  You’re looking at about $850 + yearly maintenance at the lowest price just to run JUNOS (which is fantastic) on the edge network.  Recently I had been tasked with selecting a new edge switch replace of which we landed on the HP Procurve 1810-24 and 1810-48 for our needs.  With reduced cost and most all benefits of an EX-2200 at almost half the cost + life time warranty replacement you just can’t go wrong.  Having worked with Procurve switches in the past, they’re not terrible from the Web UI end but just don’t expect the same robustness as the CLI on JUNOS on an EX-2200.


If you have any other questions I’d be happy to answer them offline.


-Aaron Hockett

Warner Pacific College

Network Administrator